10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 86. There's no time like the present



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Jenny was a young woman who always dreamed of travelling the world. She had a list of countries she wanted to visit. But she never seemed to find the time or money to make it happen. One day, Jenny's friend asked her to join with her on a trip to Paris. Jenny was excited but also hesitant. She told her friend that she needed to save up more money and plan the trip properly. Her friend reminded her that there is no time like the present. She told that life is short, and they should seize the opportunity to travel while they still can. Jenny realized that her friend was right. She decided to book the trip and save up more money. She made a plan and started to save a little bit of money each month. A few months later, Jenny and her friend travelled to Paris. They had an amazing time exploring the city, trying new foods and making memories. She realized that if she kept waiting for the perfect moment, she might miss out on amazing opportunities. From that day on, She promised herself to make the most of every moment and never wait for the perfect time to pursue her dreams.

Question 1:

Who wanted to travel the world?

Question 2:

What did Jenny need to save up more of before going on the trip?

Question 3:

Who convinced Jenny to go on the trip?

Question 4:

Where did Jenny and her friend travel to?

Question 5:

What did Jenny realize after going on the trip?

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