How to use reading to improve your English skills

Reading is a proven way to improve your English skills. When you read, you are exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, various topics, sentence structures and writing styles. This exposure helps you develop a better understanding of the language and improves your comprehension skills. Additionally, reading enhances your writing and speaking skills as you can learn from the writing styles of multiple authors and apply them to your own writing and speaking.

Reading also improves your grammar and spelling skills since you will encounter various sentence structures and new words that can help you understand the rules of the language better. Additionally, reading increases your general knowledge and cultural awareness as you are exposed to different perspectives and ideas. This can further help you communicate more effectively with others as you will have a wider range of topics to discuss.

Remember, the more you read, the more you will improve your English skills.

Take some time to practice reading and answering the provided comprehension lessons daily, and you'll witness rapid progress in your spoken English. Continuous learning and practice are key to achieving fluency in English. Therefore, it's advisable to intensively read, memorize and understand the new words involved before moving to the next lesson. A recommended approach is to cover at least a few lessons every day.