10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 93. A knowledgeable person is respected everywhere



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There was a man named Luke who was always eager to learn new things. He spent countless hours on studying different subjects and topics to broaden his knowledge. At first, Luke's friends thought he was wasting his time and money on learning. They would often tease him, saying that he was turning into a bookworm. However, Luke never gave up on his passion for learning. One day, Luke was invited to a party hosted by one of his friends. At the party, there were people from different fields and backgrounds. Luke was able to engage in conversations with them, and he impressed them with his knowledge on various topics. As the night went on, Luke noticed that people were starting to ask him for his opinion on different matters. He realized that his knowledge was earning him respect everywhere. From that day on, Luke's friends started to appreciate his love for learning. They even began to seek his advice on different issues. Luke learned that being knowledgeable not only earned him respect but also helped him make valuable connections and become a better person.

Question 1:

What did Luke spend countless hours on?

Question 2:

How did Luke's friends react to his love for learning?

Question 3:

Where did Luke get invited to?

Question 4:

What did Luke realize at the party?

Question 5:

What did Luke learn about being knowledgeable?

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