10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 85. If the shoe fits, wear it



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Ling was a young man who wanted to become a chef. He loved cooking and spent most of his free time experimenting with new recipes. One day, Ling participated in a cooking competition. He was confident that he would win, but to his surprise, he did not even make it to the finals. Ling was devastated and did not understand what went wrong. He asked the judges for feedback. They told him that his dish lacked a certain flavor and his presentation was poor. Ling was determined to improve, so he took their feedback to heart. He spent long hours in the kitchen, practicing and perfecting his recipes. A few months later, Ling entered another competition. This time, his dish was a hit. The judges praised his flavors and presentation and awarded him first prize. Ling realized that the feedback he received was the right fit for him. He knew that if he wanted to succeed, he needed to learn from his mistakes and improve. He learned that if the shoe fits, wear it. He was grateful for the feedback that helped him become a better chef.

Question 1:

What did Ling want to become?

Question 2:

What happened to Ling in his first cooking competition?

Question 3:

What did the judges tell Ling about his dish in the first competition?

Question 4:

How did Ling respond to the feedback he received from the judges?

Question 5:

What did Ling learn from his experience in the cooking competitions?

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