10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 87. Let sleeping dogs lie



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Andrew was a young boy who lived in a small village with his family. One day, on his way to the park, he noticed a stray dog sleeping on the side of the road. Andrew wanted to pet the dog, but his mother warned him not to disturb it. Andrew didn't understand what his mother meant. She further explained that sometimes it's best to leave things alone, especially if they're not causing any harm. She said that waking up the dog could make it angry or scared and could lead to trouble. Andrew listened to his mother's advice and left the dog alone. As he walked away, he saw other kids in the park teasing a dog by throwing sticks at it. The dog became angry and chased the kids, causing chaos in the park. Andrew realized that his mother's advice was right. He learned that it's better to let sleeping dogs lie and not to stir up trouble. He made a commitment to himself to pay attention to when to take action and when to refrain from interfering.

Question 1:

Who is the main charecter of the story?

Question 2:

What did Andrew notice on his way to the park?

Question 3:

Why did Andrew's mother warn him not to disturb the dog?

Question 4:

What did Andrew see in the park after leaving the stray dog alone?

Question 5:

What did Andrew learn from his experience?

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