10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 90. You have to spend money to make money



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Mike always dreamed of starting his own business. After thorough planning, he decided to invest his savings and take out a loan from the bank to start his business. He knew that he need to spend money to make money. As planned, Mike used the loan to rent a storefront, purchase inventory and hire employees. He proceeded with much caution at each and every stage. He also spent money on advertising and marketing to attract customers. In the beginning, he struggled to make sales, but he didn't give up. Mike continued to invest money into his business and started to see the results. His business began to grow and he started to make a profit. He reinvested the profits into the business and expanded his inventory and services. After a few years, Mike's business became a success and he was able to pay back the loan and make a good living for himself. He learned that starting a business requires an investment of time and money. It is also very important to take calculated risks to achieve success.

Question 1:

What was Mike's dream?

Question 2:

How did Mike finance his business?

Question 3:

What did Mike use the loan for?

Question 4:

What did Mike do to attract customers?

Question 5:

What did Mike learn about starting a business?

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