10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 89. A fool and his money are soon parted



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John was a young man who inherited a large sum of money from his grandfather. He had always dreamed of having a luxurious lifestyle and now he had the means to make it a reality. John immediately bought a big house, an expensive car and went on lavish vacations with the inherited money. He spent money on designer clothes and expensive gadgets. He didn't think twice about his spending and felt invincible. One day, a man approached him with a business proposal. He promised a high return on his investment. John didn't know much about the proposal, but the promised returns sounded too good to be true. He quickly invested a significant portion of his savings without doing proper research. A few months later, John realized that the business proposal was a scam and he had lost all his money. He felt foolish and ashamed. John learned a valuable lesson that money should be earned with hard work and saved wisely. He understood that it's important to be cautious and do proper research before making any investment decisions.

Question 1:

Who inherited a large sum of money from his grandfather?

Question 2:

What did John do with his inherited money?

Question 3:

What did a man approach John with?

Question 4:

What happened to John's investment?

Question 5:

What did John learn from his experience?

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