10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 88. Out of sight, out of mind



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Mary and Sarah had been best friends since they were young. They did everything together and always kept in touch. But after Sarah moved to another city, they gradually lost touch. At first, they still talked on the phone and sent messages to each other. But as time went by, their messages became less frequent, and their calls became shorter. One day, Mary realized that she hadn't heard from Sarah in months. She felt sad and missed her friend. She decided to call Sarah, but her number was disconnected. She tried to reach out on social media, but Sarah deleted her accounts. Mary realized that the saying "out of sight, out of mind" was true. She took her friendship with Sarah for granted and hadn't made an effort to keep in touch. She regretted not staying connected and promised herself to cherish and maintain her relationships in the future. After that incident, Mary made a conscious effort to maintain her connections with old friends and prioritize those relationships. She learned that friendship requires effort and shouldn't be taken for granted.

Question 1:

Who were best friends since they were young?

Question 2:

Why did Mary feel sad one day?

Question 3:

What happened when Mary tried to reach out to Sarah on social media?

Question 4:

What did Mary learn after the incident with Sarah?

Question 5:

What did Mary promise herself after realizing her mistake with Sarah?

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