10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 81. Love conquers all



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In a small village, there lived a poor farmer named John. He was a hardworking man and loved by everyone in the village. John had a daughter named Lily who was beautiful, kind, and compassionate. One day, a wealthy merchant named Thomas visited the village and met Lily. He was impressed by her beauty and kindness, and soon fell in love with her. However, John was hesitant to let his daughter marry a wealthy man, as he believed that love and money could not go hand in hand. Thomas was determined to prove John wrong and win Lily's heart. He decided to stay in the village and work as a farmer to show John that his love for Lily was sincere. Thomas abandoned his luxurious lifestyle and started living a modest life in the village. He worked very hard on the farm. He also earned John's respect and admiration. Over time, Lily also fell in love with Thomas, and they became inseparable. Despite the differences in their social status and wealth, their love for each other conquered all. John's happiness multiplied as he saw his daughter's joy, and he realized that true love knows no boundaries. The couple got married and moved to the city, but they always remembered their humble beginnings and the lesson that love conquers all.

Question 1:

What was the name of the wealthy merchant who fell in love with Lily?

Question 2:

Why was John hesitant to let his daughter marry a wealthy man?

Question 3:

What did Thomas decide to do to win John's approval and Lily's heart?

Question 4:

How did Thomas win John's respect and admiration?

Question 5:

What was the lesson that the couple learned from their experience?

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