10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 80. Give credit where credit is due



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There was a man named Dennis who owned a small company. Dennis had a hardworking employee named Jack who always delivered excellent results. However, Dennis often took all the credit for Jack's hard work and never acknowledged him publicly. Jack felt disheartened and undervalued, but he didn't know how to approach the situation. One day, a potential client came to the office and praised the company's recent success. Dennis was quick to take all the credit, but the client insisted on meeting the person responsible for the excellent work. This time, Dennis had no choice but to introduce Jack to the client. Jack explained how he contributed to the company's success and impressed the client with his knowledge and dedication. After the meeting, Dennis realized his mistake and apologized to Jack. He promised to give credit where credit is due and promised that Jack's contributions would be acknowledged thereafter. From that day on, Jack felt more appreciated and motivated. He continued to work hard and deliver excellent results, knowing that his efforts would be recognized and appreciated.

Question 1:

What was the name of the employee who always delivered excellent results for Dennis's company?

Question 2:

How did Jack feel when Dennis took all the credit for his hard work?

Question 3:

Who insisted on meeting the person responsible for the company's recent success?

Question 4:

What did Dennis promise to do after he realized his mistake?

Question 5:

How did Jack feel after Dennis promised to give him credit for his work?

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