10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 5. Practice makes perfect



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Once upon a time, there was a boy named John. He wanted to learn how to play the guitar. He went to his father and asked him to teach him how to play. His father told him that practice makes perfect. So every day, John would practice playing the guitar. He would play for hours and hours, even when his fingers hurt. Sometimes he would get frustrated because he couldn't get a certain chord right, but he kept practicing. Months went by, and John's playing improved. His chords were cleaner, and he could strum faster. He played for his family and friends, and they were all impressed. Eventually, John joined a band and played in front of larger audiences. He became an amazing guitar player, and people loved to listen to him play. John knew that it was his hard work and practice that made him so good. So remember, like John, practice makes perfect. If you want to be good at something, you have to practice every day. Even when it's hard or frustrating, keep practicing and you'll get better.

Question 1:

What did John want to learn how to play?

Question 2:

What did John's father tell him about getting better at playing the guitar?

Question 3:

How did John feel when he couldn't get a certain chord right?

Question 4:

What happened when John played for his family and friends?

Question 5:

What did John become as a result of his hard work and practice?

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