10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 9. Too much of anything is good for nothing



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Julia plays games on her mobile phone all the time. After a few months, her eyesight gets worse. She goes to the doctor. The doctor says she needs to wear glasses. Julia doesn't like wearing glasses. Because she has to wear them all the time. Julia realizes that playing games on her mobile phone causes her eyesight to degrade. She knows she needs to cut back on her screen time. Julia starts to take regular breaks from her mobile phone. She rests her eyes. She starts to feel better. Her eyesight even improves a little. Julia learns that taking care of herself is important. She realizes that too much of anything is good for nothing. Julia explores other hobbies like painting and reading books. She finds that she enjoys them just as much as playing games on her mobile phone.

Question 1:

Why did Julia need to wear glasses?

Question 2:

What did Julia realize about playing games on her mobile phone?

Question 3:

What did Julia start doing to take care of herself?

Question 4:

What did Julia discover when she explored other hobbies?

Question 5:

What did Julia learn from her experience?

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