10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 4. Learn to walk before you can run



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Sophie got a job as a software engineer. She wanted to learn a lot. She took on hard projects. But it was tough for her to keep up. Her colleagues saw that she was trying to run before walking. They advised her to slow down and master the basics first. Sophie followed their advice. She worked hard on foundational skills. She spent more time learning the basics. She got better and took on more complex projects. Eventually, she did very well at her job. She learned a good lesson - you have to walk before you can run. Taking time to master the basics is important for long-term success.

Question 1:

What was Sophie's job?

Question 2:

What did Sophie want to do in her new job?

Question 3:

What kind of projects did Sophie take on at first?

Question 4:

Why did Sophie's colleagues advise her to slow down?

Question 5:

What lesson did Sophie learn?

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