10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 12. Fortune favors the bold



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John was a young man who dreamed of starting his own business. He knew it was a risky move, but he strongly believed that fortune favors the bold. He had a passion for cooking. He always wanted to open a restaurant. John knew that starting a business required a lot of capital, so he decided to take a bold step. He went to the bank and applied for a loan. Despite his lack of experience, he convinced the bank manager to lend him the money. With the loan in hand, John worked hard to open his restaurant. He faced many challenges along the way, but he didn't give up. He believed that fortune would favor him if he worked hard and stay focused. And he was right. His restaurant became a huge success. People loved his food, and his business grew quickly. John learned that fortune favors the bold. He knew that taking risks was scary, but he believed that success was worth the effort. And his success proved him right.

Question 1:

What was John's dream?

Question 2:

What did John need to start his business?

Question 3:

Did the bank manager agree to lend John the money?

Question 4:

Did John's restaurant become successful?

Question 5:

What did John learn about success?

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