10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 7. Strike while the iron is hot



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Samantha was a talented chef who dreamed of opening her own restaurant. One day, a wealthy investor offered to fund her restaurant if she could create a unique and unforgettable menu. Samantha knew this was her chance to showcase her culinary skills and make her dream a reality. She quickly got to work and spent days experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. She worked tirelessly, day and night, until she finally created the perfect menu. With her menu in hand, Samantha approached the investor and presented her ideas. The investor was impressed with Samantha's creativity and decided to fund her restaurant. Samantha knew that if she had not worked quickly and efficiently, she would have missed out on this opportunity to showcase her skills and open her own restaurant. She learned that it is important to strike while the iron is hot, to take advantage of opportunities when they arise and to work hard to achieve your goals. From that day on, Samantha worked hard to make her restaurant a success. She knew that with hard work and determination, she could achieve great things.

Question 1:

What profession does Samantha have?

Question 2:

What did the wealthy investor offer Samantha?

Question 3:

What did Samantha spend days doing?

Question 4:

What did the investor think of Samantha's menu?

Question 5:

What did Samantha learn from this experience?

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