10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 48. Don't count your chickens before they hatch



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Matthew decided to apply for a loan from the bank. He had big plans for the money that he would receive from the loan. Matthew was sure that he would receive the loan money, so he started to spend money from his savings on unnecessary things. However, a few days later, the bank informed Matthew that his loan application had been rejected. He felt devastated. All the plans he had made were now impossible. He already spent a significant amount of his savings assuming that the loan would be approved. Matthew realized that he made a big mistake by counting his chickens before they hatched. He assumed that the loan would be approved and spent most of the money from his savings. He felt embarrassed and foolish for his mistake. From that day on, Matthew learned an important lesson. He understood that it is better to wait until something is confirmed before making plans or spending money.

Question 1:

What did Matthew decide to do?

Question 2:

What did Matthew start to spend money on?

Question 3:

How did Matthew feel after his loan application got rejected?

Question 4:

What lesson did Matthew learn from this experience?

Question 5:

What was the outcome of Matthew's loan application?

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