10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 57. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step



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Mary always wanted to be a writer in her life. But she didn't know where to start. She always found some excuses and postponed for years. Then one day, she happened to read a quote that said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". She decided to take some action and planned to begin with a short story. At first, it was difficult, and she doubted herself. But she kept at it, writing a little bit every day. After a week, she had finished her first short story. It wasn't perfect, but she was proud of herself for completing it. She showed it to a friend, who encouraged her to keep writing. Over the next few months, Mary wrote more stories and submitted them to writing contests and magazines. Some were rejected, but others were accepted, and she started to gain confidence in her abilities. Years later, she learned a lot from the ups and down. Mary became a successful writer, having published several books and won numerous awards. She always remembered that quote. By taking the first step, she started a journey she never thought was possible.

Question 1:

What did Mary always want to be?

Question 2:

What did Mary read that inspired her to take action?

Question 3:

What did Mary plan to begin with?

Question 4:

How did Mary gain confidence in her writing abilities?

Question 5:

What did Mary achieve as a result of taking the first step towards her dream?

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