10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 49. Time heal all wounds



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Samantha and Emily were best friends since childhood. They did everything together and shared a special bond. But one day, they had a big argument over a misunderstanding and stopped talking to each other. Samantha tried to reach out to Emily, but she refused to respond. Samantha felt heartbroken and their friendship seemed to be over forever. Months went by, and Samantha still missed Emily, but she had given up on trying to reconcile. However, time passed and Samantha slowly started to heal from the pain of losing her friend. She made new friends and pursued her interests. Emily also went through some personal struggles and realized the value of their friendship. One day, Emily reached out to Samantha, and they met up to talk things through. They realized that their argument was a silly misunderstanding and that their friendship was worth saving. They apologized to each other and made amends. Samantha learned a valuable lesson that time heal all wounds and sometimes, it takes time to mend broken relationships.

Question 1:

Who were best friends since childhood?

Question 2:

What happened between Samantha and Emily?

Question 3:

How did Samantha feel when Emily refused to respond to her?

Question 4:

What happened to Samantha's friendship with Emily?

Question 5:

What did Samantha learn from this experience?

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