10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 51. Knowledge is power



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Once there was a farmer named Johnson who lived in a small village. He was poor and could hardly make ends meet. One day, a wise man visited their village and spoke to the people about the importance of education and knowledge. Johnson was inspired and decided to learn as much as he could. He started going to the local library and reading books on various subjects. He also attended free classes and asked many questions to gain a deeper understanding. Over time, he acquired a lot of knowledge and skills, which he used to improve his life. Johnson learned how to cultivate crops efficiently and used organic fertilizers. All of this resulted in a bountiful harvest. He also learned about money management. With his newfound knowledge, he started a small business that provided money for his family. As time passed, Johnson became successful and gained respect in his community. His friends and neighbors came to him for advice on various matters and he happily shared his knowledge. Johnson's story teaches us that knowledge is power. With the right knowledge and skills, we can achieve our goals and overcome any obstacle in life.

Question 1:

What did the wise man talk about when he visited the village?

Question 2:

How did Johnson start acquiring knowledge?

Question 3:

What did Johnson learn about cultivation?

Question 4:

What did Johnson do with his newfound knowledge of money management?

Question 5:

What did Johnson's friends and neighbors come to him for?

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