10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 55. Live and Let Live



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There was a village in the countryside where people from different backgrounds and beliefs lived together. Among them was a man named Tom who had a strict and judgmental attitude towards those who didn't share his beliefs. One day, a new family moved into the village. They were from a different culture and followed different customs than the rest of the villagers. Tom didn't like their way of living and started to criticize them openly. One of Tom's close friends, Mary, noticed his behavior and tried to talk to him about it. She explained to him that everyone had the right to live their life the way they wanted, and it was not his place to judge them. Tom initially dismissed Mary's advice, but over time, he started to think about it. He realized that his judgmental attitude was causing harm to others. He also thought that he was missing out on the opportunity to learn from different cultures. Eventually, Tom changed his attitude and started to respect and appreciate the diversity in his village. He learned to live and let live, understanding that everyone had the right to live their life in their own way.

Question 1:

What was Tom's attitude towards people who didn't share his beliefs?

Question 2:

Who noticed Tom's behavior and tried to talk to him about it?

Question 3:

How did Tom initially respond to Mary's advice?

Question 4:

What did Tom realize over time?

Question 5:

What did Tom learn to do in the end?

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