10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 47. Honesty is the best policy



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Tom was a young boy who loved playing with his friends. One day, while playing in the park, Tom found a wallet lying on the ground. He picked it up. He looked inside to find a large sum of money. Tom knew he could easily keep the money and buy things he wanted. But he also knew that it wasn't right. Tom decided to take the wallet to the nearest police station. The police officers were impressed with Tom's honesty. They contacted the owner of the wallet. The owner was very grateful and rewarded Tom with a small sum of money as a thanking gift. Tom learned an important lesson. He realized that honesty is always the right choice, even when it's challenging or inconvenient. Tom felt a sense of pride in himself for doing the right thing. He understood that his actions had a positive effect on someone's life. From that day on, Tom made a promise to himself to always be honest and truthful in all situations, no matter what.

Question 1:

Once upon a time, who found a wallet lying on the ground?

Question 2:

What did Tom find inside the wallet?

Question 3:

What did Tom do with the wallet?

Question 4:

How did the owner of the wallet react when they got their wallet back?

Question 5:

What lesson did Tom learn from this experience?

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