10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 56. Fortune smiles upon those who dare



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David was a shy and introverted person who lived in a small village. He always dreamed of becoming a successful businessman, but he lacked the confidence to pursue his dreams. One day, David read a book that inspired him to take risks and embrace challenges. He decided to start his own business, even though he didn't have much experience or knowledge. David's family and friends were skeptical of his decision. But he didn't let their doubts discourage him. He worked hard and learned everything he could about the industry. He worked very hard and faced many failures along the way. He did not give up and learned many things from the failures. After few months, David's business started to take off. He got a big contract that opened up new opportunities for him. He was also able to hire a team of talented individuals to help him grow his business. David realized that fortune truly smiles upon those who dare to take risks and pursue their dreams. He felt proud of himself for stepping out of his comfort zone and accomplishing something he never thought was possible. He knew that success and fortune always wait for those who have the courage to go after them.

Question 1:

What inspired David to start his own business?

Question 2:

What did David's family and friends think of his decision to start his own business?

Question 3:

Did David face any failures along the way to building his business?

Question 4:

What happened after a few months of David starting his business?

Question 5:

What did David learn from his experience?

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