Real English Conversation - 69 : Live concert

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John: I'm excited for this concert. Are you ready to rock out?

Olivia: Definitely! I can't wait to see the band live.

John: What are your favorite songs by them?

Olivia: I really love 'Dancing in the Dark' and 'Born to Run.'

John: Those are great ones. Do you know any of their newer songs?

Olivia: Not really. I haven't listened to their recent albums.

John: It'll be interesting to hear some new material.

Olivia: Absolutely. I'm sure it will be a great show regardless.

John: I'm glad we got these tickets early. It looks like the show is sold out now.

Olivia: Yeah, I heard they're one of the best live bands around.

John: I wonder what the opening act will be.

Olivia: I'm not sure. Hopefully they're good too.

John: Do you want to grab some merch before the show starts?

Olivia: Sure, that sounds like a good idea.

Merch vendor: Welcome! We have T-shirts, hats, and posters for sale.

John: I'll take a T-shirt in size medium, please.

Olivia: I'll get a poster.

Merch vendor: Great choices. Enjoy the show!

John: I think the show is starting. Let's find our seats.

Olivia: Yes, let's go!

Question 1:

What are Olivia's favorite songs by the band?

Question 2:

Has Olivia listened to the band's recent albums?

Question 3:

What does John wonder about the opening act?

Question 4:

What merch does John buy?

Question 5:

What do John and Olivia do when the show is about to start?

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