Real English Conversation - 71 : Marriage

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Tom: I can't believe our friend is getting married!

Mary: I know, it feels like just yesterday we were in college together.

Tom: Time really flies, doesn't it?

Mary: Yeah, it does. I'm so happy for him and his fiance though.

Tom: Me too. They make a great couple.

Mary: I wonder who will be the officiant for the ceremony.

Tom: I heard it's going to be a family friend of the couple.

Mary: That's nice. I always appreciate a personal touch in weddings.

Tom: Definitely. And the church they picked is beautiful too.

Mary: It really is. The stained glass windows are so intricate.

Tom: I hope we get a good view of the ceremony from our seats.

Mary: I'm sure we will. We're just a few rows back.

Tom: Do you have any wedding gift ideas?

Mary: I was thinking of getting them a gift card to a nice restaurant.

Tom: That's a good idea. I was thinking of getting them a personalized photo album.

Mary: That would be a really thoughtful gift. They could fill it with photos from their wedding day.

Tom: I think they'll appreciate whatever we get them.

Mary: Definitely. It's the thought that counts.

Tom: It's starting, let's take our seats.

Mary: Okay, let's enjoy the ceremony.

Question 1:

Who are Tom and Mary attending the wedding of?

Question 2:

What does Mary appreciate in weddings?

Question 3:

What gift does Tom suggest for the couple?

Question 4:

What does Tom say about the church they're in?

Question 5:

Where are Tom and Mary sitting during the wedding ceremony?

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