10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 96. A positive attitude will take you far



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There was a young man named David who just finished his studies and was looking for a job. He was confident in his abilities and was determined to find a job that he love. David applied to many companies but unfortunately, he was rejected multiple times. However, David never lost his positive attitude. He continued to stay motivated and believed that he would eventually find the right job. Finally, one day, David got an interview with a company that he always wanted to work for. He went to the interview with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He spoke confidently and showcased his skills and abilities. The interviewer was impressed with David's attitude and offered him the job. David was ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity. He worked hard and showed a positive attitude even during difficult times. His positive attitude helped him earn the respect of his colleagues and he was soon promoted to a higher position. David learned that having a positive attitude was essential for his success. It not only helped him stay motivated during tough times but also helped him attract opportunities and achieve his goals.

Question 1:

What was the name of the young man in the story?

Question 2:

What was David's attitude during his job search?

Question 3:

How did David feel when he finally got an interview with his dream company?

Question 4:

What did the interviewer think of David's attitude during the interview?

Question 5:

What did David learn about having a positive attitude?

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