10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 52. Don't cry over spilled milk



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Tom was a young boy who loved to play video games. He saved all his pocket money to buy a new game that he desired for a long time. Finally, he bought the game using the saved money. He was so excited to play it that he didn't even take off his shoes before turning on the console. As he was playing, Tom accidentally knocked over his glass of water onto the game console. He was devastated as he saw the water seeping into the console and heard a sizzling sound. Tom's mother came into the room and saw what had happened. Instead of scolding him, she told Tom not to cry over spilled milk and explained to him that the game console could be replaced, but his safety and well-being were more important. Tom realized that his mother was right. He shouldn't have been so upset over a material object. He learned that it's important to focus on what's really important in life, such as family, friends and health. From that day on, Tom became more mindful of his belongings, but he didn't let material possessions control his emotions. He learned to let go of small setbacks and focus on the bigger picture.

Question 1:

What did Tom save his pocket money for?

Question 2:

What did Tom accidentally spill on his game console?

Question 3:

How did Tom feel when he spilled water on his game console?

Question 4:

What did Tom's mother tell him when she saw the spilled water on the game console?

Question 5:

What did Tom learn from the incident with his game console?

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