10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 61. Great minds think alike



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Once upon a time, there were two friends, John and Michael. They were very different from each other but shared a common passion for science. Both of them had a dream of creating something innovative that could change the world. One day, they both came up with an idea to build a machine that could produce electricity without any fuel. They worked separately on their designs. They met one day to discuss on their designs. They were surprised when they found out that their designs were nearly identical. John and Michael were amazed and happy at the same time, realizing that they both thought alike. They decided to work together and started building the machine. It took them several months of hard work. But finally, they succeeded in building the machine that could produce electricity without any fuel. Their invention brought them fame and recognition. People were amazed by their achievement, and they both became well-known scientists in the field of renewable energy. John and Michael's success proved the proverb "Great minds think alike". Their success demonstrated that great accomplishments can be made when two people who share the same mindset work together.

Question 1:

What is the common passion shared by John and Michael?

Question 2:

What did John and Michael plan to invent?

Question 3:

What did they find out when they met to discuss their designs?

Question 4:

How long did it take them to build the machine?

Question 5:

What did John and Michael's success prove?

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