10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 16. You reap what you sow



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Sarah always believed in working hard and being honest in everything she did. She lived in a small village where everyone knew each other. One day, she started a small business selling homemade cookies. She worked tirelessly every day to make the best cookies. Sarah built a reputation for herself. One day, a new person moved into the village and started selling cookies at a lower price. Sarah knew that the person was using cheap ingredients and cutting corners to make a profit. However, some of the villagers started buying from the new seller. Sarah's business started to decline. Sarah refused to compromise on the quality of her cookies and continued to work hard. Slowly but surely, the villagers realized the difference in the taste and quality of Sarah's cookies. They started buying from her again. Sarah's business started to flourish once more. Again, she became the most successful cookie seller in the village. Sarah learned that you reap what you sow. Her hard work, honesty and dedication paid off in the end. she gained the trust and loyalty of her customers.

Question 1:

What did Sarah start selling in her small village?

Question 2:

Why did some villagers start buying cookies from the new seller?

Question 3:

What did Sarah refuse to compromise on?

Question 4:

What happened when the villagers realized the difference in taste and quality?

Question 5:

What did Sarah learn from her experience?

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