10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 19. Do not judge a book by its cover



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Jenny was a new student at a school. She was very quiet and calm. Her classmates thought she was strange because she always wore the same old clothes and never talked to anyone. They assumed that she was poor and unfriendly. One day, the teacher assigned a group project, and Jenny was assigned to work with a popular girl named Lily. Lily was annoyed to be paired with Jenny. Lily didn't want to be seen with someone so different from her. As they started working on the project, Lily was surprised to find that Jenny was actually very smart and creative. She had many great ideas that helped them finish the project ahead of time. Lily realized that she had misjudged Jenny. She felt ashamed of her previous behavior. From that day on, Lily became friends with Jenny and learned to appreciate her for who she was. She learned that it's not right to judge someone based on their appearance or behavior. Sometimes, people are not what they seem. It's important to give them a chance before forming an opinion about them.

Question 1:

Why did Jenny's classmates think she was strange?

Question 2:

Who was annoyed to be paired with Jenny for the group project?

Question 3:

What did Lily learn about Jenny while working on the project?

Question 4:

What did Lily realize after working with Jenny?

Question 5:

What was the lesson Lily learned from the experience?

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