10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 17. Look before you leap



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John was an adventurous boy who loved exploring the outdoors. One day, he and his friends went on a hiking trip to a nearby mountain. As they reached the top, they came across a cliff. It had a beautiful view of the valley below. Without thinking twice, John decided to jump off the cliff into the water below. His friends tried to stop him. They warned him that it was dangerous, but John didn't listen. He jumped and landed in shallow water, hurting himself badly. The incident taught John an important lesson. He realized that it's always better to look before you leap. Had he taken a moment to assess the situation, he would have realized that it was too risky to jump. He learned that sometimes it's better to be cautious and think before taking any actions. From that day on, John made sure to think carefully before making any impulsive decisions. He became more careful and thoughtful in his actions and avoided taking unnecessary risks.

Question 1:

What did John love doing?

Question 2:

Where did John and his friends go on a trip?

Question 3:

What did John's friends try to do?

Question 4:

What lesson did John learn?

Question 5:

How did John change after the incident?

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