Simple Future Tense

Simple future tense is used to talk about actions or events that will happen in the future.

Here's an example:

"I will meet you at the coffee shop tomorrow."

In this sentence, "will meet" is the simple future tense form of the verb "meet". The speaker is making a promise or commitment to meet with the person they are addressing at a specific time and place in the future (tomorrow, at the coffee shop). The use of "will meet" indicates that this action will happen in the future.


Using "will" + base verb

will + go

will + talk

will + come

(Only first person (I/We) ) Using "shall" + base verb

I/We shall + go

I/We shall + come

I/We shall + talk

Using (am/is/are) + going to + base verb

I + am going to + study

He/She/It + is going to + walk

You/They/We + are going to + study



To talk about future events:

1) I will attend a concert next month.

2) The company will launch a new product next week.

3) We will have a family reunion next summer.

To make predictions:

1) I think it will rain later today.

2) They will probably win the game tomorrow.

3) She believes that he will become a successful musician in the future.

To make offer or suggestions:

1) Will you join me for a hike next Saturday?

2) I will help you move to your new apartment next month.

3) Will you allow me to carry your bags for you?


To make offer or suggestions:

1) Shall I make dinner for us tonight?

2) Shall I help you with your project next week?

3) Shall we meet at the park for a picnic on Sunday?

Be going to

Expressing intentions or plans:

1) I am going to start studying for the exam tonight.

2) We are going to travel to Europe next year.

3) She is going to buy a new car in the near future.



PositiveNegative"Yes/No" Question
I will studyI won't studyWill i study?
We will studyWe won't studyWill we study?
You will studyYou won't studyWill you study?
He will studyHe won't studyWill he study?
She will studyShe won't studyWill she study?
It will walkIt won't walkWill it walk?
They will studyThey won't studyWill they study?


PositiveNegative"Yes/No" Question
I shall studyShall i study?
We shall studyShall we study?


I am going to studyI am not going to studyAm I going to study?
We are going to studyWe are not going to studyAre we going to study?
You are going to studyYou are not going to studyAre you going to study?
He is going to studyHe is not going to studyIs he going to study?
She is going to studyShe is not going to studyIs she going to study?
It is going to walkIt is not going to walkIs it going to walk?
They are going to studyThey are not going to studyAre they going to study?