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1. Spill the beans

It refers to reveal a secret or confidential information.

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I accidentally spilled the beans about the surprise party

The spy refused to spill the beans on his mission

Don't spill the beans about the news until everyone is ready to hear it

She spilled the beans to her friend about her crush on a coworker

The witness finally agreed to spill the beans about what he saw on the night of the crime

2. Be in the soup

It refers to be in a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

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I'm in a real soup trying to finish this report before the deadline

After getting lost, we found ourselves in a soup with no way out

The company is in a soup after the CEO resigned suddenly

He's in a soup after making a mistake that cost the team the game

We're in a soup with our finances after overspending on our vacation

3. Salt of the earth

This is used to describe a person who is honest, dependable, and hardworking, and who has high moral standards. This person is considered to be a valuable and essential member of society because they are reliable, trustworthy, and down

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She's the salt of the earth, always there to help others in need

My grandfather was the salt of the earth, always putting his family first

We need more people like him, who are the salt of the earth and make the world a better place

The volunteers who worked tirelessly to help the community are the salt of the earth

Don't take for granted the people who are the salt of the earth in your life

4. Take something with a grain of salt

This idiom means to not believe something completely, to be skeptical or doubtful.

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He's known for exaggerating, so I always take his stories with a grain of salt

The article seemed a bit sensationalized, so I read it with a grain of salt

It's good to be skeptical of information you read online and take it with a grain of salt

He tends to make big promises that he can't keep, so I took his latest offer with a grain of salt

I heard the rumors about the company, but I took them with a grain of salt until I had more information

5. Cherry on top

This idiom means to be a final, additional, or extra special touch to something already good.

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Winning the lottery was great, but getting married was the cherry on top of the cake

The restaurant gave us free dessert as a cherry on top of our meal

He got a promotion and a raise, but the cherry on top was that he could now work from home

The company offered him a generous benefits package, but the cherry on top was the extra vacation days

The deal was already good, but the extra discount was the cherry on top that sealed the deal