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1. Dream team

It refers to have a group of people who work together effectively and achieve great results.

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Our basketball team is unbeatable now that we have a few new star players - it's a real dream team

We're putting together a group of experts to work on this project - I'm confident it will be a dream team

The film production was a big success thanks to the director and actors who formed a dream team

Our company has created a dream team of top executives from various industries to lead us into the future

I always thought I could never win the championship without a dream team, but I was wrong

2. Be in a dream world

It refers to be out of touch with reality or have unrealistic expectations.

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You're living in a dream world if you think that job is going to be easy

If you keep ignoring your responsibilities, you'll never wake up from your dream world

I was in a dream world, thinking that he was the perfect guy for me until I realized he wasn't

Sometimes, I get lost in a dream world where everything is perfect, but then reality sets in

I was so in love with him that I lived in a dream world, and it took me a while to see him for who he really was

3. A Dream Come True

It refers that something you have wanted or hoped for has become a reality.

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Winning the championship was a dream come true for the team

She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her book on the bestseller list - it was a dream come true

Traveling to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower was a dream come true for her

He had always dreamed of owning a Ferrari and finally buying one was a dream come true

Getting accepted to their dream university was a dream come true for the students

4. In your dreams

It is typically used in a dismissive or sarcastic way to indicate that something is unlikely to happen or is completely unrealistic

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"Do you think I'm going to lend you a thousand dollars? In your dreams!" she said to her friend

He asked the popular girl to the prom and she replied, "In your dreams."

"I'm sure I'll win the lottery tomorrow," he said to his wife. "In your dreams," she replied

"I think I'll get a promotion soon," he told his colleagues. "In your dreams," they replied

"I bet I can beat you in a race," he said to his brother. "In your dreams," his brother replied

5. Beyond your wildest dreams

This idiom is typically used to describe something that is even better or more incredible than what a person could have imagined or hoped for.

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Winning the lottery was beyond his wildest dreams

She never imagined she would get a chance to meet her favorite actor, but it happened beyond her wildest dreams

Getting a job offer from a prestigious company was beyond his wildest dreams

She couldn't believe she got into all of the universities she applied for - it was beyond her wildest dreams

The party decorations were beyond her wildest dreams - everything was perfect

6. Daydream

It simply refers to the act of daydreaming, which is a type of spontaneous and involuntary fantasy or reverie that occurs while a person is awake

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She often daydreamed about traveling to different countries

He was caught daydreaming in class and didn't hear the teacher calling his name

She spent hours daydreaming about her future, imagining what she could achieve

He liked to daydream about being a superhero and saving the world

She would often sit by the window and daydream about what she would do if she won the lottery