Real English Conversation - 99 : Surgery

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John: I'm a little nervous about the surgery tomorrow.

Mary: I understand. It's natural to feel nervous.

John: I'm just worried about the recovery process.

Mary: Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to rest and recover.

John: I hope the procedure goes smoothly.

Mary: I'm sure it will. You have a great team of doctors.

John: I hate the thought of being in the hospital for a few days.

Mary: I know, but it's necessary to ensure a speedy recovery.

John: I'm going to miss our dog while I'm away.

Mary: I'll make sure to bring pictures and updates of our furry friend.

John: I don't want to miss work for too long.

Mary: Your health is more important, don't worry about work.

John: I hope the anesthesia doesn't make me feel too groggy.

Mary: The doctors will take good care of you.

John: I wish I could eat before the surgery.

Mary: You'll be able to eat again soon enough. Think of it as a mini fast.

John: I'm going to miss our bed and comfortable pillows.

Mary: The hospital bed might not be as comfortable, but you'll be able to rest and recover.

John: I hope I can go back to my normal routine soon.

Mary: Just take it one day at a time. Your health and recovery is the top priority.

Question 1:

What is John nervous about?

Question 2:

What does Mary say about John's team of doctors?

Question 3:

What does John worry about missing while in the hospital?

Question 4:

What does Mary say about John's health and work?

Question 5:

What does Mary say to John about his hospital bed?

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