Real English Conversation - 103 : Trekking

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Johnny: I'm really excited about going trekking in the hills. Have you done anything like this before, Amanda?

Amanda: No, I haven't, but I'm excited too. I've always wanted to try trekking.

Johnny: We'll need to pack accordingly. Do you have a good backpack?

Amanda: I do, but I might need to get some other gear like hiking boots and a tent.

Johnny: Yeah, those are important things to have. We should make a list of everything we'll need.

Amanda: I agree. We don't want to be stuck without something we need while we're out there.

Johnny: We'll also need to plan out our route and make sure we have a map or GPS device with us.

Amanda: That's a good point. We should also let someone know where we're going and when we'll be back, just in case.

Johnny: Definitely. Safety is always the top priority when doing something like this.

Amanda: What kind of terrain should we expect on the trek?

Johnny: It'll be hilly and uneven, so we should make sure we have sturdy shoes and trekking poles.

Amanda: I'm a bit nervous about the altitude. Do you think we'll be okay?

Johnny: As long as we take it slow and drink plenty of water, we should be fine. We can also take breaks if needed.

Amanda: How long will the trek take?

Johnny: It depends on the route we take, but probably around 2-3 days.

Amanda: We'll need to make sure we have enough food and water for the whole trip then.

Johnny: Right, we can pack some non-perishable foods like nuts and energy bars.

Amanda: What should we do about sleeping arrangements?

Johnny: We could either bring a tent or see if there are any campsites along the way.

Amanda: This is going to be such an adventure. I can't wait to get out there and explore.

Question 1:

What is Amanda's previous experience with trekking?

Question 2:

What gear does Amanda need to get before the trek?

Question 3:

What should Johnny and Amanda do before the trek for safety?

Question 4:

What kind of terrain should they expect on the trek?

Question 5:

How long will the trek take?

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