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Andrew: I love winter! It's my favorite season.

Emilia: Really? I'm not a big fan of the cold. I hate driving in the snow, it's so dangerous.

Andrew: Yeah, it can be tough. But I love snowboarding and skiing. I love the holiday season and spending time with family.

Emilia: That's definitely a highlight of winter. Winter always seems to drag on forever, it's so dreary.

Andrew: I think it goes by fast, especially with all the fun winter activities. Have you ever gone ice skating? It's so much fun!

Emilia: I have, but I'm not very good at it. I can't stand the cold, I always have to wear so many layers.

Andrew: That's true, it can be a pain. But I love bundling up in warm clothes. I love the winter scenery, especially when the snow falls.

Emilia: It is pretty, I have to admit. I always get sick during the winter, it's such a hassle.

Andrew: Yeah, that's definitely a downside. I try to stay healthy with lots of hot tea and vitamin C. Have you ever built a snowman? It's such a classic winter activity.

Emilia: I have, it's cute, but I'd rather be indoors with a hot cup of cocoa. I always look forward to spring, when the weather starts to warm up.

Andrew: Yeah, me too. But I still love winter for all its unique charms.

Question 1:

What does Andrew say about winter?

Question 2:

What winter activities does Andrew enjoy?

Question 3:

What does Emilia say about winter driving?

Question 4:

What does Andrew say about winter scenery?

Question 5:

What does Emilia say about spring?

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