Real English Conversation - 98 : Summer

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John: I can't wait for summer to arrive!

Mary: Me too! I'm tired of the cold and snow.

John: I miss being able to go outside without having to bundle up.

Mary: And I miss the sun!

John: I can't wait to go to the beach and go swimming.

Mary: Yes! And we can have barbecues and outdoor picnics.

John: I want to go hiking and explore some new trails.

Mary: That sounds like a great idea. And we can go camping too!

John: I'm also excited to see the flowers and trees in bloom.

Mary: And we can finally open the windows and let in some fresh air.

John: I can't wait to play some outdoor sports like basketball and soccer.

Mary: I'm looking forward to taking some long walks and bike rides.

John: I want to plan a road trip and see some new places.

Mary: That sounds like fun. We should also plan some weekend getaways.

John: I'm excited to try some new summer recipes and drinks.

Mary: And we can have some friends over for a barbecue or pool party.

John: I want to work on my tan and get some vitamin D.

Mary: Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

John: I can't wait for all the summer festivals and concerts.

Mary: Summer is going to be amazing!

Question 1:

What are John and Mary looking forward to in summer?

Question 2:

What outdoor activity does John want to do in summer?

Question 3:

What does Mary want to do in summer?

Question 4:

What should John remember to do when working on his tan?

Question 5:

What are John and Mary excited about in summer?

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