Real English Conversation - 91 : Presents

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James: Did you like the gifts we received from our relatives?

Emma: Yes, they were all really thoughtful.We got so many presents, it's hard to know what to do with them all.

James: Maybe we could donate some of the items we don't need.What was your favorite gift that we received?

Emma: I really liked the new coffee maker and the scented candles. Should we send thank you cards to our relatives for the gifts?

James: Yes, I think that's a good idea to show our appreciation. Do you think we should exchange gifts with each other next year?

Emma: It's up to you, but I don't think it's necessary. How do you feel about the amount of gifts we received?

James: It was a bit overwhelming, but I'm grateful for everyone's kindness. I'm glad we have generous and thoughtful relatives.

Emma: Yes, they really put a lot of effort into finding gifts that we would like. Do you think we should display some of the gifts in our home?

James: Yes, that's a great idea! The painting we received would look nice in the living room. I'm impressed with how well our relatives know us.

Emma: Me too, they really paid attention to our interests and tastes. Should we organize a gift exchange with our friends next year?

James: That sounds like fun, we can plan something together.

Question 1:

Should you send thank you cards for Christmas presents?

Question 2:

Is it okay to re-gift a present that you don't need?

Question 3:

What is a good way to handle receiving too many gifts?

Question 4:

Is it necessary to exchange gifts with your partner during Christmas?

Question 5:

Should you display Christmas presents in your home?

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