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Jube: Have you made a reservation for our anniversary dinner yet?

Ian: Not yet, but I was thinking of trying that new Italian place downtown.

Jube: Do you think we should make a reservation for a specific time or just ask for a table when we arrive?

Ian: It's always better to make a reservation to ensure we get a table at our preferred time.

Jube: How many people are coming to dinner with us?

Ian: Just the two of us, it's our anniversary after all!

Jube: What time should we make the reservation for?

Ian: How about 7

Jube: Do you have a particular table or section in mind?

Ian: Not really, but I'll mention that it's our anniversary and see if they can give us a romantic table.

Jube: What if we need to cancel our reservation?

Ian: We should call the restaurant as soon as possible to let them know.

Jube: What happens if we arrive late for our reservation?

Ian: They might give our table away, so we should try to arrive on time or call ahead if we're running late.

Jube: Can we change the date or time of our reservation?

Ian: It depends on availability, but we can call the restaurant and ask to make changes.

Jube: Should we let the restaurant know about any dietary restrictions or allergies?

Ian: Definitely, we don't want any surprises when we order our food.

Jube: Is there a dress code at the restaurant?

Ian: We should check their website or call ahead to find out. Some places require formal attire while others are more casual.

Question 1:

Why do they need to make a reservation?

Question 2:

What time did they decide to make the reservation for?

Question 3:

What happens if they arrive late for their reservation?

Question 4:

Should they let the restaurant know about any dietary restrictions or allergies?

Question 5:

Is there a dress code at the restaurant?

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