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Tom: Do you want to go shopping this weekend?

Julia: Sure, I've been wanting to pick up a few new outfits. Where do you want to go shopping?

Tom: I heard there's a new mall that just opened up downtown. We could check that out. What are you looking to buy?

Julia: I need some new jeans and maybe a few blouses. Do you want to check out any specific stores?

Tom: I'm not too picky. We can just wander around and see what catches our eye. How much do you want to spend?

Julia: I don't want to go overboard, maybe $200-$300. Do you want to grab lunch while we're out?

Tom: That sounds like a good idea. There's a new sushi place that I've been wanting to try. Do you need any accessories or shoes?

Julia: Yes, I could use a new purse and maybe some flats. Do you want to split up and shop on our own for a bit?

Tom: Sure, that way we can cover more ground and meet up later. Are there any sales going on that we should know about?

Julia: I saw an ad for a 20% off sale at a department store. We should check it out. Do you have any preferences for the types of stores we visit?

Tom: Not really, but I'd like to check out a sports store to see if they have any good deals on workout gear.

Question 1:

Where are Tom and Julia planning to go shopping?

Question 2:

What is Julia looking to buy while shopping?

Question 3:

How much does Julia want to spend while shopping?

Question 4:

What other items does Julia need besides clothes?

Question 5:

What type of store does Tom want to check out while shopping?

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