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Wilson: Hi Victoria, how are you doing today?

Victoria: I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How about you?

Wilson: I noticed you have a new car. What kind did you get?

Victoria: Yes, I just bought a Honda Civic. It's been great so far.

Wilson: Have you tried the new sushi restaurant that just opened up in town?

Victoria: No, I haven't had a chance to go yet. Have you tried it?

Wilson: Did you hear about the upcoming block party in our neighbourhood?

Victoria: Yes, I did. I'm looking forward to it. Are you planning to go?

Wilson: I'm thinking of starting a vegetable garden in my backyard. Do you have any tips?

Victoria: Absolutely! I've been gardening for years. Let me know if you need any help getting started.

Wilson: Did you catch the latest episode of that new show on Netflix?

Victoria: No, I haven't had much time for TV lately. Was it good?

Wilson: I'm planning a trip to Hawaii next month. Have you ever been there?

Victoria: Yes, I went there last year. It's beautiful! What island are you planning to visit?

Wilson: I noticed you've been running in the mornings. What's your secret to staying motivated?

Victoria: Honestly, having a running buddy helps a lot. Maybe we can go for a jog together sometime?

Wilson: I heard that there's going to be a new park opening up nearby. Have you heard anything about it?

Victoria: Yes, I heard that they're planning to have a playground and some walking trails. I can't wait to check it out.

Wilson: I'm having some trouble with my computer. Do you know anything about tech support?

Victoria: I used to work in IT, so I might be able to help. What seems to be the problem?

Question 1:

What kind of car did Victoria buy?

Question 2:

Is Victoria planning to go to the upcoming block party?

Question 3:

What is Victoria's secret to staying motivated during runs?

Question 4:

What does the new park nearby have planned for it?

Question 5:

Does Victoria know anything about tech support?

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