Real English Conversation - 63 : Job fair

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Alex: Hey Julia, have you heard about the upcoming job fair at the convention center?

Julia: No, I haven't. When is it happening?

Alex: It's next week, and a lot of big companies are going to be there. We should definitely attend.

Julia: That sounds great! We can distribute our resumes and network with potential employers.

Alex: Exactly. We can also research the companies beforehand to see which ones would be a good fit for us.

Julia: That's a good idea. I'm also going to make sure I dress professionally and bring copies of my resume.

Alex: Yes, first impressions are important. We want to present ourselves in the best possible way.

Julia: Have you decided which companies you want to target?

Alex: I've made a list of my top choices based on my skills and interests. What about you?

Julia: I'm still researching, but I'll definitely have a list by the time the job fair comes around.

Alex: We should also prepare some questions to ask the recruiters to show our interest in their company.

Julia: Definitely. It's important to show them that we're serious about working for them.

Alex: And we should also practice our elevator pitches so we can quickly and effectively sell ourselves.

Julia: Good point. We don't want to stumble over our words or forget any important details.

Alex: I'm feeling optimistic about this job fair. With our preparation, we have a good chance of landing some interviews.

Question 1:

When is the upcoming job fair happening?

Question 2:

What should Alex and Julia bring to the job fair?

Question 3:

What is the importance of preparing questions to ask recruiters?

Question 4:

What is an elevator pitch?

Question 5:

How do Alex and Julia feel about their chances of landing interviews at the job fair?

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