Real English Conversation - 64 : Jogging

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Alex: Hey Julia, do you want to start jogging with me every day?

Julia: That sounds great! What time were you thinking?

Alex: How about we go in the morning, around 6 am

Julia: 6 am. That's a bit early, but I'll try my best to wake up.

Alex: Don't worry, it'll be worth it. We can start with a light jog and gradually increase our pace.

Julia: That's a good idea. And we can also track our progress by using a fitness app.

Alex: Yes, we can challenge each other to reach our fitness goals.

Julia: Definitely. We should also make sure to stretch before and after our jog to avoid injuries.

Alex: Absolutely. And we can hydrate ourselves with water or sports drinks during and after our jog.

Julia: Sounds like we're all set. Let's start tomorrow!

Julia: Wow, jogging is really making a difference. I can already feel my stamina improving.

Alex: Same here! It's amazing what consistent exercise can do for our health.

Julia: And it's so refreshing to be out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Alex: I couldn't agree more. It's a great way to start our day.

Julia: Definitely. And it's also a good stress-reliever. I feel so much better after each jog.

Question 1:

What time do Alex and Julia plan to go jogging?

Question 2:

How does Alex suggest they track their progress?

Question 3:

What does Julia suggest they do to avoid injuries?

Question 4:

What does Alex suggest they drink during and after jogging?

Question 5:

What does Julia say about jogging?

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