Real English Conversation - 102 : Traffic jam

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Emily: Oh no, looks like there was an accident up ahead.

Johnson: That's not good. I hope everyone involved is okay.

Emily: It looks pretty bad. The traffic is completely stopped.

Johnson: We might be here for a while. Do you want to listen to some music or something to pass the time?

Emily: Sure, that's a good idea.

Johnson: I wonder if we should try to find a different route.

Emily: Do you know of any alternate routes we could take?

Johnson: I'll check on my phone and see if there's a way to get around the accident.

Emily: I hope the emergency services get there soon and everyone is okay.

Johnson: Me too. Accidents are never good and can really cause a lot of damage.

Emily: I wish there was something we could do to help, but we're stuck here in traffic.

Johnson: Yeah, unfortunately there's not much we can do except wait for things to clear up.

Emily: I hope we're not too late for our appointment.

Johnson: We might have to call and reschedule if we're going to be too late.

Emily: This is so frustrating. I hate being stuck in traffic like this.

Johnson: I know, it's hard to stay patient, but we have to keep in mind that safety is the top priority.

Emily: Do you think we'll be able to get through this area anytime soon?

Johnson: It's hard to say, but we can try to look for updates on the traffic and see if there's any progress being made.

Emily: I'm getting really hungry. Do you have any snacks in the car?

Johnson: I have some granola bars and water. Want to share?

Question 1:

What is causing the traffic jam?

Question 2:

What does Johnson suggest they do to pass the time in the traffic jam?

Question 3:

What do they discuss about their appointment?

Question 4:

What do Emily and Johnson wish they could do to help with the accident?

Question 5:

What snacks does Johnson have in the car?

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