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John: Look at those lions! They're so majestic.

Clara: I know, they're one of my favorite animals. Check out the monkeys. They're so playful and curious.

John: Yeah, it's amazing how similar they are to humans. Have you ever seen a giraffe up close before?

Clara: No, this is my first time. They're even taller than I imagined. I love the birds in the aviary. The colors are so beautiful.

John: Yeah, they're really striking. Let's go see the reptile exhibit.

Clara: I don't know, snakes kind of freak me out.

John: Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Clara: The elephants are so cute. Look at how they use their trunks.

John: Yeah, they're incredibly intelligent creatures. Do you want to see the big cats exhibit?

Clara: Sure, but let's stay behind the fence. The koalas are so adorable. I wish I could take one home.

John: I think they might object to that. Did you know that there's a petting zoo here?

Clara: No way! Let's go check it out. I had a great time at the zoo today.

John: Me too. It's always so cool to see all these amazing animals.

Question 1:

What animal is one of Clara's favorites at the zoo?

Question 2:

What does John say about the monkeys?

Question 3:

What is Clara's reaction when John suggests they visit the reptile exhibit?

Question 4:

What animal does Clara wish she could take home?

Question 5:

What do John and Clara think of their day at the zoo?

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