Real English Conversation - 100 : Swimming pool

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Frank: I'm excited to go swimming today.

Maria: Me too! It's going to be so much fun.

Frank: I hope the water isn't too cold.

Maria: I don't mind. It'll be refreshing.

Frank: I hope the pool isn't too crowded.

Maria: We can always find a less crowded spot.

Frank: I wonder if they have any cool water slides.

Maria: Let's go check them out!

Frank: I hope I remember to put on sunscreen.

Maria: Don't worry, I brought extra just in case.

Frank: I hope I don't forget my swimming trunks.

Maria: I brought an extra pair just in case.

Frank: I hope we can find a good spot to lounge in the sun.

Maria: I brought some beach towels, so we can lay them out wherever we want.

Frank: I hope the pool has a diving board.

Maria: I'll race you to the diving board!

Frank: I hope I don't get too tired from all the swimming.

Maria: We can take breaks whenever we need to.

Frank: I hope there's a snack bar nearby.

Maria: I packed some snacks and water in the cooler, so we don't have to worry about it.

Question 1:

What are Frank and Maria going to do?

Question 2:

What is Frank worried about in regards to the water temperature?

Question 3:

What does Maria say about finding a less crowded spot?

Question 4:

What does Frank hope the pool has?

Question 5:

What does Frank say about remembering his swimming trunks?

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