10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 78. The squeaky wheel gets the grease



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In a small town, there was a girl named Minh who loved playing basketball. She was the captain of the school team and always gave her best. She noticed that the school gym was in poor condition, with rusty equipment and old flooring. She decided to take action. Minh spoke to the school administration and asked them to fix the gym. But, her requests fell on deaf ears. The school officials didn't take her seriously. Determined to make a change, Minh organized a petition and gathered signatures from her teammates and other students. She also reached out to local news outlets and shared her story. As a result of her persistence, the school officials finally took notice. They realized that the gym needed urgent attention and decided to allocate funds for its renovation. Minh's hard work paid off, and the school gym was completely transformed. It had new flooring, state-of-the-art equipment, and a fresh coat of paint. The entire school community was thankful to Minh for being persistent and speaking up, which led to positive change. From that moment, Minh realized that to make a difference, she needed to voice her concerns and stay committed in her efforts.

Question 1:

Who is Minh?

Question 2:

What did Minh notice about the school gym?

Question 3:

What did Minh do to make a change?

Question 4:

What was the outcome of Minh's efforts?

Question 5:

What did Minh learn from her experience?

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