10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 77. Believe you can and you're halfway there



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A young boy named Alex lived in a small town. He was an average student and had low self-confidence. He was always hesitant to try new things, fearing that he would fail. One day, Alex's teacher gave the class a challenging assignment. The other students were nervous, but Alex was full of fear. He had a strong feeling that he wouldn't be able to complete the assignment successfully. However, Alex's teacher saw potential in him and always encouraged him to believe in himself. She told him that if he believed he could do it, he was halfway there. With his teacher's words in mind, Alex started working on the assignment. At first, it was difficult, but he refused to give up. He studied hard and practiced, even when he felt like giving up. After days of hard work, Alex completed the assignment and submitted it to his teacher. He waited nervously for the results, unsure if he had done well. To his surprise, Alex received an excellent grade. He was thrilled and couldn't believe that he had accomplished something that he once thought was impossible. Alex learned that believing in oneself is the key to success. From that day on, he was a more confident and determined student, never hesitating to take on new challenges.

Question 1:

Who was hesitant to try new things?

Question 2:

Who saw potential in Alex?

Question 3:

What did Alex's teacher encourage him to do?

Question 4:

How did Alex feel after completing the assignment?

Question 5:

What did Alex learn from the experience?

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