10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 76. It's never too late to learn



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In a small town, there lived an elderly woman named Maria. Maria never had the chance to pursue her education and she always regretted it. She believed that it was too late for her to learn anything new. One day, a new community center opened in town, offering free classes to anyone who was interested. Maria was hesitant at first, but her friends encouraged her to give it a try. Maria decided to attend the classes. She was surprised to find that she enjoyed learning new things. She started with basic math and English, and then moved on to more advanced subjects like science and history. Despite her age, Maria was a dedicated student and spent countless hours studying and practicing. She made new friends and enjoyed the sense of community that came with attending the classes. Few years passed, and Maria continued to attend the classes at the community center. She gained so much knowledge and wisdom over the years that she was often approached by younger students for advice. Maria realized that it was never too late to learn and that age was just a number. She had proven to herself and others that one could always learn and grow, no matter how old they were.

Question 1:

What did Maria regret not having the chance to do?

Question 2:

What kind of classes did the new community center offer?

Question 3:

What did Maria start learning first at the community center?

Question 4:

How did Maria feel about attending the classes?

Question 5:

What did Maria gain from attending the classes at the community center?

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