10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 63. It is dark before dawn



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Once there was a young man named Alex who dreamed of becoming a successful businessman. He had many ideas, but he struggled to find a job in his field. Despite facing multiple rejections, Alex refused to give up on his dreams. He knew that success wouldn't come easily, but he was determined to keep trying. Alex worked hard to improve his skills, attending workshops and networking events to learn more about his industry. He spent countless hours researching and studying, even when he felt discouraged. He knew that hard work and dedication were the keys to his success. One day, Alex got his big break. A well-known businessman heard about his work and offered him a job in his company. Alex was overjoyed and knew that all his hard work paid off. He put in even more effort and dedication in his new job. He impressed his colleagues and superiors with his knowledge and skills. Alex's career continued to grow, and he became a successful businessman. He realized that the proverb "It is dark before dawn" was true. The struggles and hard work he faced earlier were just temporary setbacks. His dedication and determination had lifted him up to achieve his dreams.

Question 1:

Who is the protagonist of the story?

Question 2:

What was Alex's dream?

Question 3:

What did Alex do to improve his skills?

Question 4:

How did Alex get his big break?

Question 5:

What did Alex realize about his struggles?

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